Love hanging with Grim Kim necrolustzine 🔥👯👯🔥🔥
Goat bless taco trucks  (at El Tauro Tacos)

Anonymous said: I've been following you for a few yrs and I've always seen you as an inspirational person. Somehow you made me feel comfortable in my skin and gave me confidence in doing things my own way. Not to be a creep, but thank you so much :)

Whoa! Thank you for the kind words! I started this thing as a way to organize photos and music I’m into and I’m glad it had some sort of positive impact on someone. I woke up this morning in a shit mood and I swear this made me smile.

Two of my best friends started a heavy metal band and it rules. Listen to BLADE KILLER.
HBD to the PAINKILLER. I spent my day sewing this 💕

[Satyricon] Norway, Satyr and Nocturno Culto
Met up w Jojo at FYF. Best babe.

Death & Carcass 
FYF day 1 with Chuck Bass 💁 (at Fyf Music Festival)
FYF officially starts today so RIP me